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 Patrick Rohn began his journey of writing and producing his own music in 2008. His was so passionate about his music that he would sit in the back of his college classes with headphones on trying to finish a song. Being in a recording studio seemed like a distant dream to him at that time. Recording songs on his lap top had to suffice. To build confidence he would perform for everyone in his dorm, consequently building a small following within the University of Idaho.


In the Spring, Rohn went back to California to visit family where he contemplated his future. He decided to follow his dream of making music, moving back to Southern California, getting into a studio for the first time in 2009. After recording several songs, Rohn came in contact with multi-platinum producer Rudy "Mayru" Maya, soon the path to creating a suitable career was about to begin.


Rudy understood the importance of artist development and became Patrick’s sole producer and mentor. They began to record music that represented his home state, California. The PCH Crew quickly came to fruition. Since meeting Rudy in 2010, The PCH Crew has captivated audiences with their high energy, breezy pop and hip-hop swagger. Their songs and stage presence represent the essence of California.


The PCH Crew are currently finishing their debut album, which will be influenced by a wide variety of genres anywhere from rap to reggae, pop to rock, and everything else in between.


Check out more about Rohn and the PCH Crew by follow them on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. The PCH Crew would not be where they are today if it weren't for their incredible fans!

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